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The only school in Jhansi to emphasize adventure activities as a technique to burn stress, to foster team spirit and to rejuvenate.

Keeping the class size very manageable to ensure effective academic tutoring and relationship building classrooms are happy spaces. More focus is on intraclass activities and classwise assemblies to promote 100% participation of students. Students learn by doing, by breaking of inhibition and trusting those around them. Adventure camps, visit to heritage sites, museums, exhibitions, etc. are a regular features of the school’s curriculum. From learning in classroom to learning on a sports field, from learning creative skills to learning social skills, our students have opportunities to develop as socially aware individuals.

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The school Campus situated amidst sylvan surroundings spread over 30 acres of land and blessed with lush greenery offers children a pollution free environment with a world class infrastructure to foster not only academic growth but also physical wellness through superlative indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The acoustically designed classroom with access to content – rich servers through smart boards forms the backbone of learning experiences. Individual needs are focused through the trinity e of the learning process which includes the child, the teacher and the curriculum. The campus is designed to be self-supporting and self-sufficient in every possible way equipped with a hundred percent power backup, 24 hours running water, a self owned Medical Centre with qualified resident doctor, a nurse on call 24 hours a day, and postal facilities. Above all, at Alpine Public School we firmly believe that ” it the child is the father of the man” and in line with the philosophy we believe in evolving daily for improvement. So, come and join this family with trust that Alpine Public School, Jhansi will live up to your your expectation and a concerned parent.

Your Future Starts Here.